As much as we want our products to be without flaw, it turns out that in software development it’s not always the case.However, if you have encountered any problem with one of our products, don’t panic, we are here to assist you to the best of our abilities. In some cases we can’t work out miracles, although we are doing our best.

Please consult the sections below for more details about your problems.

Do you want to report a bug?

The best way to let us know about a bug, feature request or improvement for one of our modules is to go to our dedicated bug tracker and create a ticket there.

This allows you to keep track of the progress on your reported issue and also spares the developers time by having all the issues in one place.

Whenever possible please add a replay track or relevant screenshots to your issues.

Do you have a module activation problem?

We are using Star Force software protection for our DCS modules.

When you buy a module, you are given a serial number. In order to keep your module protected from unauthorized use, Star-Force binds the serial number to your hardware. This can be the source of some activation / deactivation problems when changing your hardware.

Please consult our Activation Manual or Star Force FAQ page on this site.

The Activation Manual is also available for download.