Magnitude3 New Year’s Update

Dear pilots,
only hours separate us from the year 2018 and while we all await it impatiently, we thought it would be a proper moment to stop for one last update in 2017.

At first, we would like to say that development of Christen Eagle II is going on schedule and this module is almost ready for beta testing!

And as this module is already in a highly advanced development phase, we thought it is a perfect opportunity to capture a few shots of our current work, just to raise the curtain a little bit and look what’s behind it. Thus we present to you first pictures of F4U-1d Corsair, a legendary warbird that gained its reputation during World War 2 and later in Korean War. This aircraft is powered by famous Pratt&Whitney R-2800 engine, it’s armed with six Browning .50 caliber machine-guns and can take a respectable ordnance load. We will get into details of this machine on another occasion, for the moment enjoy the beauty of it!


At last, we’d also like to briefly return to the beloved Fishbed. In the recent months we’ve been splitting our focus between new projects as well as continuously updating the MiG-21bis module and as you may have already noticed some of the fixes appeared in recent patches. In particular we took some time to investigate the performance issue which many users reported, related to reduced FPS when more than two machines were flying in close formation. We have released a temporal fix recently and continue our work in cooperation with Eagle Dynamics for a complete fix. For now our own tests indicate a fair improvement and thus look very promissing.
We also would like to remind you of the ongoing DCS sale which includes MiG-21bis. Do not hesitate and get it before the sale ends on January 3rd!

To conclude this brief update we would like to wish you all a happy new year and all the very best for 2018 and beyond! See you soon in the skies!